How Can Technology Help You Reduce Expenses on Business Travel?

reduce expenses on business travel

Are you running a company, where travelling is necessary for ensuring business success? You can travel now, without hurting your money flow, taking help from latest technology. Most small and med-sized business owners feel that one-on-one meetings and discussions are helpful or crucial to see success in their business. However, what about the travel expenses?

Most small business firms or startups often allocate 10 to 25% of their annual budget towards travel; here are some things to be considered to cut down cost, while still running the business effectively.

Make Use of Technology to Save Flight Tickets

There are many applications and online tools, like Webex and Skype that make it easier to get connected with clients, customers, and satellite branches at a low cost. If face-to-face meeting is essential, you need to think of evaluating your aims and weigh merits and demerits of both methods.

Create Clear Policies

You need to create travel regulations for your staffs, so that every employee is clear about whether to travel or not. Include guidelines for reimbursable costs as well. Equip your remote employees and sales representatives with tabs or personal systems, so that you can interact with them on your business tours. In this way, you can ensure that productivity won’t be harmed, though you are outside. You can as well employ tab’s camera device to detect machinery, equipment, or property at a customer or suppler location.

reduce expenses on business travel

Save Money Though Group-Deal Sites

Group sharing websites can help you save big bucks; savvy business tourists can make use of these group sharing sites. For instance, if you require a vehicle to rent, some websites can offer you a low-cost alternative to taxis or car rentals. If hotel costs are high, these sites offer you rooms on rent at affordable prices.

Compare Rates Online

You can find many price comparison sites, helping you to choose cheap business class tickets possible. Plan a trip in advance to save money; it’s possible to find best deals on discount websites and some sites can provide you combined offers, including air ticket, car (taxi) service, and hotel stay. If you avail all services, you would get huge discounts. Research online and compare prices against airline or hotel websites to get the best possible deal.

Download Apps to Manage Your Travel Needs

Free apps like Wi-Fi Finder allows you to search Wi-Fi (both paid and free) across the state that can save you hotel Wi-Fi charges. Travel apps allow you to organize, plan, implement, and track your expenses and budgets by category, location, and time. You can convert it in form of spreadsheet to keep track of records easily.

All you need to do to save time and money is make use of online tools, such as,, to focus on best deals quickly and efficiently. You can determine whether to buy tickets now or wait for the price to drop. Thanks to technology and magic online tools, you can compare, book, and get last-minute deals instantly at a great price.

Make use of these tips to save money and time during your next business travel, and see the difference they can make in your life.


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