4 Features That Make Kofax Capture Highly Beneficial

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for Kofax Capture is an essential component in any software application in case you want to keep files in digital formats. Using this feature of the software, you can convert the paper-based files in digital formats, which are both editable and searchable. The high-quality images are critical as the success of the downstream data extraction can significantly be impacted by it. Thus, Kofax OCR can be considered as a smart process application that simplifies the information-intensive customer interactions, the critical first-mile need of any business.

For people looking for Kofax OCR Careers, the scope is immense as the organisations embrace it with open arms due to its numerous benefits.

Features of Kofax Capture

  • Scalability

This is a modular application that is enterprise ready and can be used to meet the demands of a specific department or of an enterprise as a whole. It means right from simple requirements of capturing the simple product can be expanded to meet the complex, high volume, critical requirements of a big enterprise. It can keep on capturing hundreds to millions of documents per day without any problem.

  • Customizable to Meet Your Needs

The needs of different people or different organisations are varied and Kofax provides a complete solution for all those varied needs. This is done with the help of dozens of plug-and-play modules that helps in customising according to the precise business needs. These modules include automated document separation, automatic document classification, postal mail scanning etc. Its powerful forms processing tools are capable of extract information from even the most difficult documents. As it has an open architecture, its capabilities can be further extended making use of custom scripting.

  • Integrates Seamlessly

It is a highly flexible system with more than 140 connectors that help it to align with various business applications, BPM, ECM, ERP, and other workflow solutions. The packaged release scripts help in connecting seamlessly to all business systems provided by various agencies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Open Text etc. This is not all as it can also export to a delimited ASCII file or any ODBC-compatible database.

  • Enterprise Edition

It is also available in an enterprise edition, which is the perfect choice for mission critical implementations as it offers disaster recovery. As it can be managed remotely and that too in real-time, it enables the organisations to handle the exceptions quickly.

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